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Guided Imagery & Music Sessions

Inward Journey to Long lasting change

GIM is the conscious use of imagery which has been evoked by relaxation and music to effect self-understanding and personal growth process in the individual.  Therapists trained in the Bonny Method choose classical music sequences that stimulate journeys of the imagination. Experiencing imagery in this way facilitates clients’ integration of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of well-being. 
Sessions can range in length from 60-120 minutes.  Each session begins with a verbal discussion that informs the therapist on what program of music may be most suitable for what the client is reporting in the pre-talk dialogue.  Once this dialogue comes to a close, the client is invited to recline as the the therapist guides an induction (Bonny, 2000).  An induction is the method in which the client activates an altered state of consciousness through relaxation (Goldberg & Dimiceli-Mitran, 2010).  The induction is also adapted to meet the needs of the client.  After the induction, the therapist creates a linking image that begins the imagery journey. From this linking image the client begins the process of travelling as the music comes to join them, the music then leads the client through the imagery experience.  As the guide, the therapist is holding space and presence for the client’s experience, while also encouraging deepening and exploring imagery that may be beneficial.  At the end of the music, the client is guided back into the here and now.  Using the mandala framework, clients are encouraged to put colour on a page to represent their experience.  The following post-talk is the opportunity for the client to report anything they found interesting or have wonderings about.

What Is Guided Imagery & Music: About Me
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