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Working Together

Awaken Music Therapy creates opportunity for healing through the therapeutic relationship.  Our aim is to come a long side you and support long lasting change in whatever your goals may be.

Client 2

Recovery & Addiction

Cultivating self-compassion, resilience, and resource building through trauma informed practices

Client 3

Anxiety & Depression

Cultivating mindfulness & resource building

Client 6

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Research based methods to support individuals experiencing mental health issues

Client 4

Grief & Loss

Creating opportunity to process, reflect and honour the experience of grief & loss.

Client 1


An Opportunity to reflect, explore and rewrite the narratives that influence your relationships.

Client 7


As an ally, we serve & support the LGBTQIA by creating a safe place in which to address interpersonal issues, creating meaningful connection, prepare to come out to family & friends, find acceptance & care within the therapeutic relationship.

Client 8

Feminine Rising

Using Myth & GIM to help women integrate the Heroine's Journey.  A process of uncovering how heteronormative patriarchy influences all aspects of life.

Client 5


Recovering from trauma involves first creating an environment of safety, containment and resource building.  Awakening Therapy provides an opportunity to heal from trauma using research based methods incorporating compassion, mindfulness, and self-empowerment.

Who We Serve: Clients
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